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Backed Up Your Mac Lately?

Apple Computers are great...Right?


But like any computer, the man-made parts are subject to failure for one reason or another and usually at a time you least expect it.


If you are NOT backing up your Mac on a regular schedule then you are at risk of LOSING EVERYTHING.


Those years of photos, documents and don't forget that awesome music collection. It's wise to have more than just one back up and with Apple offering a great price on iCloud Drive storage, you can back up those important, cherished items there...but you should also have a physical back up source such as an external hard drive and use Apple's Time Machine software or a Clone Utility to back-up your entire system in case of an internal hard drive failure.


Whether you choose one or really should start some kind of back-up system now, rather than later, or you could be one of those customers that comes to me with a failed computer hard drive and are crying the blues because they had never backed anything up or had been slack in doing their back-ups even though they had an external drive for that very purpose.


I am able to retrieve data up to a point but if your hard drive will not spin up then it's a VERY expensive situation you're in if you want your data back. That entails sending the drive off to be repaired and the data retrieved at a very costly rate from an outside company.



Contact Me Today...


To get started with a back-up system suited for your needs. It is not an expensive move to make and you will be glad you long as you do the back-up once you're set up.



MacIntosh Tune-Ups & Repairs on ALL Models



Basic Service:    $ 70.00


 Includes a scan of your system hardware. Scan for Malware & removal of any infected files. Update of any Apple and third-party software. Elimination of any electronic clutter and optimization of system performance. Your Mac will also be physically cleaned inside and outside.


Full Service:         $ 85.00


Includes everything that is offered in the Basic Service  PLUS Back-up of your data to an external source and an Upgrade to the latest OS X operating system.


There is a 30 day Warranty on all labor with FREE support from Foothills Mac during that 30 day time to help you iron out any problems and one tutoring session is included as well when you pick up your Mac after being serviced.




There is ALWAYS a

"New Customer Discount"

of $ 10.00 for all new customers that bring their Mac in for either of the MacIntosh Tune-Ups offered.

Diagnostics are always FREE!

Hardware Upgrades




500GB SATA HD 7200 RPM     $    95.00


1TB SATA HD 7200 RPM                  125.00


2TB SATA HD 7200 RPM                  155.00


All SATA drives offer a 1 year to 3 year

factory Warranty


SSD (Solid-State Drive)  UPGRADES


250GB SSD                                    $   135.00


 500GB SSD                                           210.00


    1    TB SSD                                           325.00


All SSD drives are the fastest the market currently offers and come with a 10 year factory Warranty.


You can also upgrade your iMac with an SSD Hard Drive. Call for more details.


I also offer SSD hard drive replacement for most MacBook, MacBook Air & MacBook Pro models that have factory installed SSD drives. The replacement drives are faster and better than the factory drives and in most cases are less expensive.



Remember...these prices are INSTALLED with your data transferred to a clean OS X operating system installed along with any necessary other updates. That's hard drive and labor all in one low price.


Manufacturer's Warranty applies to all hardware.



Upgrade to a larger-faster hard drive.

Includes the drive and installation and install of the latest OS X operating system and transfer of your data from your old drive for one low price.




500GB SATA HD 7200 RPM     $   135.00


1TB SATA HD 7200 RPM                   155.00


2TB SATA HD 7200 RPM                  175.00


3TB SATA HD 7200 RPM                 205.00


5TB SATA HD 7200 RPM                  315.00


6TB SATA HD 7200 RPM                 345.00



RAM costs are constantly changing and there are many different types of RAM used in Apple Desktops and Laptops. The current price range for the "most common" RAM upgrades is between  $40.00 to $150.00.


Some Mac Laptops can Max out with 16GB of RAM while some Mac Desktops will take between 16GB up to 128GB of RAM.


If you are interested in speeding up your Mac, call or e-mail me for a quote on a RAM upgrade on your machine.




Business Services


Foothills Mac offers top-notch Apple Computer Services to Businesses and Churches. Whether you are switching over to Macs from Windows PC's or want to set up an Apple Server or Media Center for your business or organization.


Foothills Mac has the experience and knowledge to make your transitions and set-up easy and painless. Contact me today for a FREE on-site assessment of your needs.